Advanced facial massage

Sculpt & release

Face-Remodelling - 90 minutes - £180
Launching in April 2024

Introducing the most advanced type of massage there is. This treatment involves working the deepest structure of the face to release muscle spasms - these are one of the biggest cause of wrinkles. You can look at this treatment as an anti ageing release on the full face, head and neck.

We work with the fascia, as always with massage. Fascia runs through out our whole body and restrictions in one place can have an impact elsewhere - because of this, releasing the fascia can have a profound effect on the whole body.

Face remodelling includes

- multilevel tissue release
- intraoral massage - buccal (inside the mouth)
- lymphatic drainage via cupping and manually with hands

Not only is this treatment deeply relaxing, but it can be used as an alternative to more advanced anti ageing treatments such as botox and fillers, when taken on a regular basis.

It can also help to reduce puffiness, dark circles, lift and tighten the skin and give you an overall sense of calm and relaxation.

The closest place that offers this style of unique massage is London, I feel super proud to be bringing it to Reading.

Lift & sculpt 
Eastern European lifting techniques - 60 minutes - £120
Launching in April 2024

This treatment uses a combination of energetic and powerful movement to lift and sculpt the face. This style of massage comes from western Europe and is known as one of the most difficult styles of massage. Firm pressure is used with speedy movements to give a completely toned and tightened appearance to the skin.

HUGELY popular amongst celebrities before big events, it really does give immediate, incredible results!

This treatment does not include Buccal (inside the mouth) massage, but it can be added on for an extra £60, if Sarah feels it would benefit you.

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