Busy Bee!

Good evening everyone!

I hope you are all having a great week – it’s been a very busy one for Re-balance. We’ve started our training in Hot Stone Therapy and today was the first treatment with our very first case study, Olivia.


Olivia’s exact words at the end of her session were “That was amazing, I felt like I was floating on lotus flowers”…
We absolutely LOVE this treatment! I’m going to be honest here and mention how I had no idea this treatment was actually this great – I decided to add it to the list of treatments we offer Re-balance because it is well known in the industry but boy, there is so much more to it than meets the eye.
I would describe this treatment as the ultimate for deep relaxation and healing. It combines chakra balancing with slow, deep massage movements and heat.. accompanied with our Alphamusic in the background, well… there’s no wonder Olivia felt like she was floating.
We’re so pleased to have taken this treatment on board and it’s all systems go to complete our assignments and case studies ready for our exam, then we can treat YOU to this incredible, re-balancing treatment.

Earlier this week, we met the lovely Deborah from Riverside Hypnobirthing – she teaches future Mamma and Papa’s how to  focus on building confidence, alleviating fear and giving you and your birth partner practical tools to use to relax and remain calm during pregnancy and labour.
You can read some Hypnobirthing stories here or even watch hypnobirthing videos here!
At the end of our meeting, I remember saying to Deborah “I can’t wait until I’m pregnant so I can experience this!” – it really does sound incredible. I think the birth stories speak for themselves.

A very busy week in the salon as we are fully booked for the fourth week running! Don’t let that put you off though, we have plenty of future slots available for you all…

So, signing off now… I have a hot stone massage booked for myself tomorrow and I can’t wait.

Stay focused and be kind to yourself always,
Sarah x

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