Pain Relief Massage

PAIN RELIEF treatments are designed to reduce pain within the body, whether that be from old injuries, severe tension and so on. PAIN is your body’s way of saying STOP and ADDRESS this problem in your body.

Advanced Clinical Massage Therapy

Duration Price
60 minutes £70
90 minutes £85

Here at Re-balance, I specialize in the treatment of chronic pain using advanced clinical massage. A combination of techniques are brought together to create a protocol that is specific and works on treating the root cause of your pain. These techniques include; hot/cold stone therapy, myofascial releasing, trigger point therapy, acupressure, stretches and the teaching of stretches that you can do for homecare to support your healing.

On your initial visit at Re-balance, a full assessment will take place which will include range of motion testing for the areas associated with the pain in your body. Please allow 30 minutes for this assessment.

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