Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

Why we collect your data and what we do with it

When you supply us with your personal data during your consultation at Re-balance Massage, they are stored and processed for four reasons.

1) In order to provide you with the best possible treatment, we need to collect personal information about your health. Requesting the treatment and our agreement to provide that service constitutes a contract. You are of course within your right to refuse to provide the information, but without it we cannot provide the treatment.

2) We have a legitimate interest in collecting this personal data, as without it we couldn’t do our job effectively and safely.

3) We think it is important to have these details in case we wish to contact you regarding your appointments (rescheduling, changes in time etc)

4) If you have given your consent, we may occasionally send you newsletters or emails containing appointment availability. You can withdraw this consent at any time – just let us know!

We have a legal obligation to retain your records for eight years after your most recent appointment with us. After this period, your details will be removed from our database unless stated by yourself otherwise.

You may request a copy of your notes at any point by contacting us directly. We will only share your notes with other medical practitioners if you request us to do so.

Your records are stored on paper, in a locked filing cabinet in my home office which only I have access to.

We take the privacy of your personal information very seriously. The only person who has access to your information is the business owner, Sarah Maslen-Leese.

If you have any other questions regarding the Privacy Policy please feel free to contact us directly and we’d be very happy to help!

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