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“Sarah was recommended to me by my gorgeous yoga teacher Jo Hanks + I’m so grateful to her for that. Sarah is in an absolute class of her own. She epitomises an holistic approach and is sensitive + intuitive about issues such as lifestyle. Sarah also takes the time to get to know you and tailor her treatments to what you need in that moment. I can’t see why I would ever go to another therapist.”

Antonia Taylor


“I have a severe long-standing spinal issue that causes pain on a daily basis. I visited Sarah hoping that a regular massage including trigger point massage would help with this. I was not disappointed, as after just a few sessions i feel much more mobile and have been able to reduce painkillers by around 75%, which is phenomenal. As well as the deep tissue work, Sarah always manages to include some time spent on a gentle relaxation/hot stone massage too, and I often feel myself float off to another place! Sarah works intuitively and truly has healing hands. You really won’t be disappointed if you decide to book an appointment.”

Christina Sheehan


“Just want to say a BIG THANK YOU for getting my knee back to full recovery! I had been suffering with it since last September and it was really getting me down as it hindered my training and mobility. I’ve been stretching, foam rolling etc, but the fact that the pain disappeared in 3 sessions is unreal! I feel so much better! Thank you for your help with PNF stretching too! It’s so beneficial being treated by someone who trains and understands my work and gym life! Basically, you are now my doctor! THANK YOU!”

Zahara Sheikh


“I won a 25 minute back massage from this lovely lady and WOW! Firstly the setting is so much nicer than a sterile, cold looking salon or spa. It’s warm cosy, welcoming, like I’d want my home to be if I didn’t have 4 kids and a dog! Smelt divine perfect atmosphere, relaxing music! Heavenly! Sarah was so warm, welcoming, understanding and really wanted to know ME so she could treat ME! And the treatment…out of this world! She worked out some tight knots in my shoulders and made me so relaxed. I’m pretty sure she went way over the 25 minutes too! I’ve already decided to go back for mother day just have to choose which treatment! Thank you so much!”

Jennie Ashworth


“If you are looking for the best masseuse, you just found her! There is no one as great, friendly, understandable and professional. Sarah will listen to you and then make sure that she can help you relax and get the best massage experience. I’ve been going to Sarah for over a year now and every massage is different. She treats you as an individual and makes sure that the massage is to your body and mind’s needs! Can’t wait for my next treatment!”

Judita Mears


“Hi, I had a number of treatments with Sarah already. Mainly pregnancy massage and a deep tissue massage before I found out I was pregnant. I would highly recommend her. I really enjoyed our sessions and she comes to my house which is an extra bonus so I can relax at home and don’t need to drive or walk anywhere afterwards which is especially nice when you are pregnant. Also as a fitness instructor I am very active and I was working while pregnant too almost all the way to the end. She really made a difference and re-balanced my aching muscles. Thank you Sarah xxx”

Eszti Sule


“I would thoroughly recommend Sarah for her lovely treatments. I immediately felt relaxed and at ease. She tailored the massage to just what I needed and I felt that I was in professional hands. The space is also lovely – like a little secret hideaway right in the centre of Caversham.”

Tessa Sanderson


“I had a wonderful massage from Sarah when I was heavily pregnant and I couldn’t have been in better hands. She made me feel so comfortable & relaxed throughout and solved all of my pregnancy aches & pains. I would thoroughly recommend Sarah to everyone, especially expectant mums who are feeling fed up!”

Candi Hall


“I’ve been going to Sarah for a number of years now and I’ve had some fabulous massages and facials. Over time, I’ve been better able to manage my shoulder injury and pain. Sarah has an in-depth knowledge of the body and what techniques best suit each specific visit, instead of a one size fits all approach. Her new space is really calm and beautifully laid out, so for an hour or so, you disappear into a world of calm and healing smile emoticon All the best Sarah- I really admire that you’ve achieved so much so young on your own talent and hard work. I can only wish Re-balance my best and am sure to see you in the therapy room again soon. X”

Ami Roy


“Re-balance provide an excellent service and Sarah’s massages are a dream! I have a very tight back and weak back muscles; I train regularly and my back was in a pretty bad state! After a consultation and one massage, Sarah gave me excellent professional advice for my well being and I purchased a massage package from her. My regular massages have made a huge difference to my training and the way my back feels. I would highly recommend Sarah’s treatments; you won’t regret it!”

Zahara Sheikh


“Working full time and looking after two young children is hard work. Re-balance massage is an excellent way to chill out and do something for yourself. I had a big surgery few years back. My back and shoulders were very stiff and painful. Sarah put me at ease straight away. She knows where the pain is and does a fantastic job to reduce it. I do regular massages and must say that it made a massive difference to my back and shoulders. I recommend Sarah to everyone, she does wonders!!!! Thank you Sarah”

Virginie Buche


“I’ve just floated away from my third massage from Sarah – This very talented woman will make you feel immediately at your ease (which is great if you are feeling “nervy” as you’ve have not had any of these type of treatments before, and not sure what to expect). After talking to you & taking you through a thorough questionnaire, Sarah will advise a on bespoke treatment for you. I really cannot sing Sarah’s praises loud enough – you NEED to try at least one of her treatments. DE-stress? DE-tox? DE-lightful.”

P-Nutt Ingram


“After my third massage with Sarah, I have to say that she is the most skilled and the most caring therapist I’ve ever met. Sarah has a lovely energy and is so thoughtful when carrying out every bespoke treatment. After suffering long term with neck and back issues, I’m feeling much better already, and I’m also enjoying the positive effects of the deep and luxurious relaxation too. Can’t wait for my next treatment. Thank you, Sarah!”

Tirian Steele


“I have been suffering with pain back, Siatica and restless nights for many years and just struggled by with it until a friend recommended me to go to Sarah at Re-Balance, at first I thought no one can help with my back pain, but I gave it a go, a shy person that I am, I was a bit nervous about going but Sarah made me feel very welcome and it was a lovely atmosphere. I have just had my 4th massage, a deep tissue back massage with Myofascial Releasing. I definately think the Myofascial is helping alot as I’m not in as much pain as I was when I first started going to Sarah, also I seem to be sleeping better. Would recommend Sarah at Re-Balance to anyone who has Sleep Problems, Stress or any aches and pains. Everyone needs Sarah’s Magical Hands in our lives”

Amy Yapp


“I had a deep tissue massage yesterday from Sarah and it was the best massage treatment I’ve ever had! She was brilliant and so nice and friendly. The pressure applied was perfect and I felt great and so relaxed afterwards. I will most definitely be returning on a regular basis.”

Fiona Jones


“I had the pleasure of my first Re-balance experience last weekend. I opted for the Relax package as I have been living a super hectic lifestyle just recently. I really needed a lot of focus to get me back down to earth and realigned with myself. Not only did Sarah not disappoint, she completely surpassed my expectations. I can honestly say my body and mind were, and still are, refreshed by the time Sarah was done. I believe Sarah’s success comes down to the perfect amalgamation of her great and honed skill in holistic therapy, coupled with her super character and positive energy. Sarah connects to you as a person not a client, and understands what you need to get from your treatment. She most certainly delivers. I would highly recommend Sarah, hands down, without a shadow of a doubt, time and time again, 100%!! Thank-you Sarah.”

Hannah Rose


“For many years I have experienced back pain, tension headaches and stress, which has taken its toll on my body and mind. When I first visited Sarah, I was in so much pain, and after the very first session I immediately felt a great improvement. It was the first time I have been able to relax fully for a treatment to have its greatest effect, as Sarah not only is incredibly skilled at massage, but also is very kind, calm and understanding. After each session, I felt improvement, and when Sarah introduced Myofascial Releasing, in combination with muscle massage, my back pain has greatly reduced. For me, this has been incredibly effective, I would recommend others to give it a go and see if it makes a difference to them. After just the second session involving the Myofascial Releasing, I no longer have unmanageable pain and tension building up in between sessions, and return to Sarah as much out of wanting a treat than necessity. Sarah provides physical therapy through the massage, but has also had a massive impact on my life, guiding me through changes to my lifestyle and mindset, building my confidence through her positivity and warmth. I can only recommend wholeheartedly to visit her.”



“Having suffered months of built up stress and sleepless nights, I decided to see Sarah for an Indian head massage. 40 minutes of pure bliss! I was able to totally switch off and enjoy the treatment and left feeling relaxed and slept like a dream for the first time in what feels forever. Sarah’s personable and caring manner is also a vital contributing factor. Everyone needs a Sarah in their lives! THANK YOU”

Jen Barron


“I’ve been suffering from lower back and shoulder pain for about 6 years, since having kids. Some days I’ve had to roll out of bed as my back was too painful to sit up. Much to my disgust after visiting Sarah a couple of times I have full use of my back with very little or no pain at all. My only issue is why didn’t I visit sooner. I can truly say hand on heart Sarah has magic hands. Since Sarah has been studying Myofascial Releasing, I have been lucky enough to take part in trials and it is incredible just how much healing power comes from such a small simple touch. Highly recommended”



“I have been treated by Sarah on two occasions now and I am so impressed with her work that I won’t go to anyone else. I have had countless massages over the last few years and can honestly say that Sarah is by far the best practitioner I have encountered. The last session was to address back pain, shoulders and neck and I could not believe the result – yes I’ve never been ‘beaten’ up by a woman so badly (deep tissue massage) but weeks of pain just fell away in hours. Sarah managed to make me feel comfortable and relaxed as soon as she welcomed me in the Crystal Dragon shop. Personally, being an IT Project Manager who travels extensively and is constantly under pressure at work and also not being able to maintain a perfect posture at all times, I found that at some point, something will give. Having someone trustworthy like Sarah to take away the stress-related or posture related pain is something of a blessing – you can’t put a value on something like that. That being said, it is also fair to mention that Sarah’s rates are the best ones around. I am counting on making these visits a regular thing now.”



“I have been seeing Sarah for aromatic massage and facials the past couple of years and I have to say that I always come away feeling absolutely great. I lead a very hectic life like so many of us these days, and have a high pressured job and generally feel very tense. Sarah always makes me feel very comfortable, and feel that the sessions give me an opportunity to have some time for myself. Sarah’s great at her profession and I would wholeheartedly recommend anyone to see her if they are looking for a good quality massage or facial using lovely organic oils and products.”



“Sarah was absolutely fantastic. I got the voucher as a birthday present from friends and went there purely for relaxation purposes. However, as well as being an incredibly relaxing experience, she was also able to help me with my skin problems and advise me on my back problems. The difference to the skin on my face after the facial was so much that I hardly recognized myself in the mirror! All the irritation on my skin had gone. I will definitely be going back in the future, as I was able to see the results immediately. Absolutely fantastic experience, thank you so much Sarah!”

Jes Allan


“I have been going to see Sarah regularly for over a year now. I have had back problems for many years and the trouble flared up again in June 2013, Sarah is the only massage professional that I trust to massage me even in the most painful areas, I can tell her where I’ve been feeling the tension the most and she will always tailor my massage to suit my needs on that day! I can trust her to not hurt me further which I have had trouble with in the past. She is always professional and very friendly. I always feel very relaxed and refreshed after I have visited her and love the herbal tea that I always get offered after a treatment! I would recommend Sarah to anyone, I have had a lot of masseurs over the years and she is the only one I can honestly say this about!”

Hannah Evans


“A very special experience; a deep powerful massage full of positive energy and I felt completely released of the tension and pain in my neck and shoulders.The hot oils on my back gave the most soothing feeling ever. Very professional and holistic practitioner and I cannot recommend her highly enough Thank you Sarah so much and thanks to my daughter Lizzie for gifting me this treat. See you soon Sarah!”

Gill Hogan


“Sarah is hugely gifted at massage and intuitive in her approach.This ayurvedic massage was everything I had hoped for: deeply relaxing, therapeutic and an oasis of peace and rest after a stressful few weeks. The various blends of oils she uses are always spot on and she makes the whole treatment an experience to enjoy and savour! Although she gets booked up, somehow she always makes you feel like she has all the time in the world for you so you never feel rushed after your treatments. I hope to become a regular client here and would recommend Sarah without any hesitation!”



“I have to say I have been seeing Sarah for 7 months and would never go any where else.I have been to many other places but would never go back to them now I have found Sarah. As soon as you meet with Sarah you are made to feel calm and relaxed, and the best ever massage I would highly recommend Sarah whether just for a pampering or deep massage Sarah will help, Thank you.”

Carla Hunt


“Sarah is quite simply an Angel! I highly Recommend you put your self in her very capable hands.”

Anna Laloli


“After being recommended to see Sarah after complaining of the usual aches and pains you’d expect to get being 8 months pregnant, I’m glad I went! Sarah’s outstanding knowledge and professionalism put me immediately at ease. Not once did I feel embarrassed or nervous. Sarah understood how uncomfortable some “normal” massage positions can be in pregnancy and had it all worked out. Needless to say I fell asleep! This was by far the best massage I’ve ever experienced. And would thoroughly recommend Sarah to all!”

Zoe Collins


“I went there by myself as a treat, on the 28 Aug. Sarah is really nice and accomodating and makes you feel like you’ve known her all your life. The massages (because I had to have the whole experience: Indian scalp massage and the aromatherapy) were really relaxing and I am strongly recommending to try them together! If you want to escape your daily stress, book a massage with Sarah! You won’t regret it.”



“Dear Future Customer, your search is over, now make an appointment. No one comes close to Sarah and I can honestly say she is the best masseur I have ever met. I start to feel relaxed as soon as I arrive and this is due to the fact that Sarah is wonderfully polite and her calm manner truly enhances the whole treatment. The head and back massages are perfect. I always feel very comfortable and well looked after by Sarah. Every session is priceless to me because I know that when I leave I will not have a worry on my mind and my body feels completely released from stress and totally invigorated. I go every fortnight and I can not wait until my next appointment.”

David Thomson

NHS Staff, Reading

“Sarah is a very gifted individual and she made the whole experience warm, welcoming and wonderful. Would recommend highly to anyone who wants a good hour of de-stressing and relaxation.”



“I have been going to Sarah for a year or so and would not even dream of seeing anyone else. Sarah immediately puts you at ease and tailors each treatment to your current state of mind/health etc. I have regular massages (full body and back) and not only are they incredibly relaxing but I can honestly say the aches and pains I suffer in my lower back disappear afterwards. Sarah’s facials are also a must, after a consultation she tailors the facial to your skins needs and using only natural products spends an hour treating you to the ultimate facial- complete with neck and head massage AND a foot scrub and massage. I have had many facials over the years, both in Reading and London where I work and Sarah’s are most definitely the best. In addition, it is also worth mentioning the body scrub treatment, the name does not do it justice. I had this done before I went on a summer holiday and not only was the treatment super relaxing (the scrub is followed by a massage), I got the best tan of my life in just 5 days and it did not fade for 2 months- well, well worth it. Aside from the actual treatments, it is Sarah’s professional and friendly manner and her interest in the relaxation of her clients, along with nice touches such as a loyalty card and monthly newsletter detailing special offers makes Sarah so special.”

Vivienne Basulto


“After several massages with other masseurs, I have always asked for Sarah for the following reasons. She has at all times shown great sensitivity to the fact that I have had a mastectomy and has made me feel totally comfortable and relaxed. She has always checked with me that the amount of pressure she is using is right. She provides a wonderful, thorough massage that has improved my sense of well-being. Incidentally, she is always so pleasant to meet and converse with. I have no hesitation in recommending her”

Heather Giles

Art Teacher, Reading

“Sarah is a fantastic therapist. Every treatment is done with sincerity and care. I love her facials, because they are not just an application of products, but a thoroughly luxurious and relaxing experience. Sarah’s massages are where she really comes into her own, and it is so clear that she really enjoys what she does. Would absolutely recommend her!”

Samantha Watson

Massage Therapist, NZ

“Sarah is an extremely professional therapist. I have had a back massage on a number of occasions from her and the improvement has been phenomenal. During the treatment Sarah made me feel very relaxed, welcome and soothed. I am sufferer of regular headaches and I am a firm believer that the massages that I receive from Sarah have reduce the amount which I have had headaches in recent times. She pays special attention to areas on my back which have built up tension and works on these areas to ensure that my treatment is extremely beneficial and that I get the most out of my time with her. I feel that the massage treatment which Sarah provided me with completely rejuvenated me and the whole experience was extremely relaxing and soothing. I would thoroughly recommend others to indulge in a treatment by Sarah and I feel that the treatments which she provides are extremely beneficial to improve ones health and overall wellbeing”

Charlotte Adams

Waitress, Reading

“I received a collagen facial, Indian head massage, eye brow and lash tinting over two separate sessions. The collagen facial was marvellous, I can still see the visible effects from it a month later and will be booking more. You get a marvellous foot massage while the collagen mask does its work. Sarah really is a good at massage and gets deep into the tissue for maximium benefit. The head massage was SOOOO relaxing I was almost asleep during it. The eye lash and eye brow tinting I had never had done before but I will also have again as it is so effective and saves on mascara! I also take Clarins facials, but Sarah’s are equally relaxing and effective on the skin and the massage is much better with Sarah.”

Diana Reynolds

Department of Art, Reading

“I have received a few back massages from Sarah. She is always very professional and you can tell from her work that she is very experienced. I always come out feeling refreshed and any issues I have had go within the day or so after. I would thoroughly recommend her! and will be using her again in the future”

Daniel McClure Fisher

IT Manager, Reading

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